Awaken - Herbal Formula with Chicory Root

Awaken - Herbal Formula with Chicory Root

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Awaken Herbal Formula (with Chicory Root) is hand crafted and blended with herbs known to help boost cognitive performance, power the body and improve ones awareness. This blend is smokey, nutty & mocha like.

(Please read precautions at bottom)


Mucuna pruriens
Kola nut
Rhodiola rosea
Muira puama
Carob (raw)
Chicory root (roasted)

Chicory is a well known coffee substitute, with a similar taste.  Chicory is rich in vitamins & minerals and functions as a liver protecting agent.

Research based Average serving average serving:
(1 Tspn = mild, 2 Tspn = moderate, 3 Tspn = strong). 

This formulation contains a the herb Yohimbe, and should not be mixed with MAOIs or norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors. If you are taking other herbs or medications, have a heart condition, or are sensitive to stimulants, please speak with your doctor before taking Yohimbe. Potent stimulant formulations should not be taken daily for long periods of time. Cycling your herbal regimen prevents tolerance, side effects, and adrenal fatigue.

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