Spice of Life (Herbal Formula-powder)

Spice of Life (Herbal Formula-powder)

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Spice of Life (Herbal Formula-powder) is blended with the most effective anti-aging & energy building herbs, all renown in the Traditional Chinese system of Medicine (TCM) for their supreme tonic effects. The combination of these specific herbs work together as a superfood-herb formulation that enhances mental awareness & improves physical activity.

This formulation tastes like sweetened chocolate and works as a great daily tonic that serves as a functional super food which greatly supports the kidneys and adrenal glands, improving the entire body functions. This blend in high amounts can strongly enhance hormone production, help build lean muscle, and may help burn fat.


Cinnamon, Licorice, Cordyceps mushroom, White Panax Ginseng, Cooked Rehmannia Root, Raw Rehmannia Root, He Shou Wu & Astragalus.

1 teaspoon mild - 2 teaspoons moderate - 3 teaspoons strong - 4 teaspoons very strong.

Mixes & tastes great with hot water, no filtration required. Can also be used in smoothies, mixed with cocoa, brewed into tea, or consumed straight.
This formula can be taken as a filtered tea or alternatively the powder can be consumed as is. (1 serving = 1-3 tsp; 1 tsp / 1 cup infusion - lightly boiled for 1-2 minutes).

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