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Moringa Powder

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Moringa is a fruit that originates from South America and Himalayan Foothills. It has been harvested and eaten for thousands of years and has been coveted for its fresh watercress taste, high nutritional content, and versatility.

If you have never tried Moringa before, it has a refreshing taste that goes well with fruit smoothies, or as a mix for baked goods. Moringa is packed with vitamin A, B12, and C, so it should help give you an energy boost!

Moringa is one of the most nutritious leaf powders around and a convenient way to supplement your body with a wide range of different vitamins, minerals, & anti-oxidants. Moringa has known for enhancing properties. It comes highly recommended for those with sluggish metabolism, especially those who are lacking greens in their diet.

A 100 g sample of the leaves showed the following concentration of nutrients: Vitamin A equiv. (47%) 378 μg, Thiamine (B1) (22%) 0.257 mg, Riboflavin (B2) (55%) 0.660 mg, Niacin (B3) (15%) 2.220 mg, Pantothenic acid (B5)(3%) 0.125 mg, Vitamin B6 (92%) 1.200 mg, Folate (B9) (10%) 40 μg, Vitamin C (62%) 51.7 mg, Calcium (19%) 185 mg, Iron (31%) 4.00 mg, Magnesium (41%) 147 mg, Manganese (17%) 0.36 mg, Phosphorus (16%) 112 mg, Potassium (7%) 337 mg, Sodium (1%) 9 mg, Zinc (6%) 0.6 mg. Moringa also contains large amounts of chlorophyll & polyphenol anti-oxidants.

Certified Organic

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